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C R E A T i V E N E S S  is your source for comprehensive information technology consulting, award-winning design and beautifully produced photographic projects including fully immersive 360 degree image creation [something we've done for nearly thirty years].  joel*avery has experience satisfying clients of all sizes around the block and across the country. Take a minute. Peruse the site. Check out the social media and get in touch. C R E A T i V E N E S S will help you see.

Computer workstation ( monitor, keyboard, mouse) isolated on white background


complete information technology management, vCIO services, security audits, backup and continuity solutions

security & consulting

joel* has spoken at conferences around the country, helping individuals and firms for a quarter of century make the best possible digital decisions

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graphic, web, presentation, corporate identity & branding, and digital immersive experiences [long before "metaverse" became common parlance]

lots & lots of design

award winning websites for architects, branding for engineers, logos for NFP's

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a category of its own, a quarter century of photography spanning most genres, published in three fashion editorials in 2021 alone...


...including two covers, one for Vigour and one for Creatives. Visit our photography site to see all of the types of projects we've produced for people like you or choose a piece of art for your favorite space

Graystone Manor 360 degree immersive image. I know, you've just learned about these, we've been creating them for decades.

Technology, design and photography combine in 360 image creation. joel*s been creating immersive images for decades from actual surroundings and from 3d models for architectural presentations, even combining the two. Interested? Give me a call.

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